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Wheel Rolls Up and Over Rail

Buzza writes:

“Of the 16 cars I have on my HO layout, two are giving me grief by constantly derailing inside my tunnel and on another section of track. The other cars seem ok. I checked and the wheels and rails are in gauge. On close inspection, a rear wheel on one car rolled up and over the inner rail. Should I change the wheels/couplers? Uncertain what to do.”

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5 Responses to Wheel Rolls Up and Over Rail


    Put the cars at the end of the train near the caboose.

  • Jeff Morrow says:

    It doesn’t say in the post whether the track is in a straight section or a curve. One thing I would check is the truck mounting to the car body. There might be some restriction in the movement that is causing the truck to not properly follow the track. You could try replacing the truck and see how that works. Also, try reversing the car and see if that makes any difference.

    • Joe Graffi says:

      Agree! Check the trucks! Too tight would be the more possible, followed by restrictions such as a truck that sits too close to the body and catches on something – Talgo Trucks (those that have the couples attached) are particularly troublesome on long cars on a tight radius.
      Too loose and ready to fall off should be obvious.

  • Graeme David Wilson says:

    TUNNELS are nice but are forever a Problem – If the TUNNEL is too small the Carriage or Wagon will hit and come off the tracks

  • Alan says:

    Check the weight of the car in question.

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