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HO Kato 37-6110 GE P42 Amtrak V Genesis Problem

David is having problems with his Kato locomotive. He writes:

“The wheels are trying to run on my Kato 37-6110 GE P42 but it will not run. Had it about a year (it ran fine). Steadily it did not run as it did before. I understand the trucks have both motors in them. Not inside the engine. Does this cause problems while in use? My layout has a grade of 2″ drop and travels 8′. The train does pickup some speed going down the grade. Is this the cause of the problem. Can it be fixed? How can I do that? Thank You for your HELP.”

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2 Responses to HO Kato 37-6110 GE P42 Amtrak V Genesis Problem

  • Robert says:

    Have you had the body off it? My research shows a central motor.You might have slipping gears. Tip it upside down and aply power to the pickups. Put a little pressure on each of the driving wheels in turn to stop it moving and see if the other wheels turn. If they do then your problem is a slipping gear. Careful not to burn out the moptor.

  • The N-Scale Nerd says:

    When did you clean it last? I mean strip it down and clean any dust or fluff or other goop?

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