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No. 4 and 6 Turnouts

John K model in N scale and writes:

“I have decided on Kato Unitrack and now need to decide on #4 or #6 turnouts. Is there any preference and why?”

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5 Responses to No. 4 and 6 Turnouts

  • Andy Belk says:

    Yes, there is a difference. I built my first layout with #4 turnouts and had nothing but problems. My locomotives would derail going through them. Nothing I tried that individuals on YouTube worked. So I ripped it all up and redesigned with #6 turnouts. Working great now.

    • Guy Prior says:

      The turn out numbers reflect the points size, a number 4, from my understanding, are good for marshalling yards. Number 6s you’d put on a main line, the have a wider curve, easier for a faster train to take the curve 😉.

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    Fairly simple. #4 turnouts have a sharp curve, #6 have a larger curve. So, if you are building a small layout with 18″ radius curved track, then #4 is OK. If you want larger curves, say 24″ to 36″, then #6 are better. To use 18″ curves and #4 turnouts will require you to run smaller engines and cars. And tend to make you feel like they are more toy like. The larger the better.

  • Mike Berke says:

    Agree with the above.
    Also, those wider turns (#6) don’t place as much lateral (sideways) stress on couplers and wheel flanges, and switch points, so derailments are far less common. Use the larger number if you can and ENJOY!!!

  • Barry says:

    Unless things have changed, I discovered the #6 turnouts are not DCC friendly. My EP718-15 must have power at all connections in order to maintain engine performance.

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