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NCE Pro Cab DCC Not Working

Richard writes:

“I have a problem and I am hoping that you and you followers can help. I am located in Florida and have not been able to get help locally. I have all new DCC equipment and NCE power cab. Everything was running fine and the next day it was not running at all. The screen on the hand held was showing “NCE procab v1.3 cab address =02″. I called NCE and they told me that I have a short. How can that be and what do I need to do?”

If you can advise Richard then please reply to his post below.

3 Responses to NCE Pro Cab DCC Not Working

  • Dale says:

    Shorts can occur in many ways. I’d start by taking everything off the tracks and visually inspect every inch (centimeter?) to see if anything may be touching where it shouldn’t be. Next, I’d look carefully at the wiring making sure that no wires are touching where they shouldn’t be. Then I’d use an Ohm meter between the rails to see if it detects a short.

    Lastly, if the meter does not show a short, I’d put my smallest, simplest loco on the track and see if it responds to the cab control. Then start replacing items on the track.

    If you did any work on the layout since the last time trains ran, I’d focus on that area. Shorts are insidious and often difficult to locate. All it takes is an errant whisker of wire from a connection of stranded wire.

  • Robert says:

    If you have just one loco, have a careful look if there is any oily dust between the frame and pickups.

  • Ralph F says:

    I would check the voltage throughout your layout and make sure it hasn’t changed. It is probably a loose jointer or a bad piece of track.

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