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Shrink Tubing Instead of Bullfrog Snot?

Lee who models in N scale asks”

“Have you guys tried shrink tubing on traction tires? Will it work?”

Please post your thoughts below if you are able to assist Lee.

4 Responses to Shrink Tubing Instead of Bullfrog Snot?

  • John D Lightfoot says:

    Hi yes heat shrink will work well as traction tyres. There are two different types of heat shrink however. One has a glue inside of it and it works really well.
    The one detraction of using heat shrink is that there is a shiny surface left after heating the tyres on. What I do is after the tyres are on and cool, I run the loco only for half to three quarters of an hour to get rid of the shine and then the loco will pull a good rake.

  • Robert says:

    I have successfully used heat shrink as traction tyres for years on my HO/OO layout. The ones I have used are stretched to fit the wheels not heat treated.

  • Ralph says:

    I use Bullfrog Snot and it works well. You have to apply and run for about 10 minutes and then let cure overnight.

  • John says:

    How do you apply shrink tubing ? ? To the tire or to wheel ? How ? ?

    Can Bulfrog Snot be used on wheels that did not have tires ?

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