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Write a Funny Caption

railroad captionsLet’s have a bit of fun!

Write a funny caption for this old railroad photo and add it to the post by using the “COMMENTS” link below. You’ll also be able to see funny captions supplied by others.

You can also comment on other captions submitted and rate your favorite.


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95 Responses to Write a Funny Caption

  • Evan Asbysays:

    Stop saying “Woo Woo” and start pulling.

  • Vytenis Radzivanassays:

    “C’mon, keep pullin’. You said you wanted to let off some steam!”

  • mike bsays:

    Quit laughing and get this @#$%$& thing outta my butt!

  • Grahamsays:

    Thee old train has run out of puff, pull man pull!

  • mikesays:

    Where’s Buster Keaton when you need him?

  • Billsays:

    OK, Nigel, when I get this thing rolling tell the engineer to pop the clutch and she should start right up.

    • Jacksays:

      Excellent !!!

    • Andrewsays:

      A very funny and well written comment. Thanks for the laughs Bill.

  • Dan Linkertsays:

    PULL! The next time I said shovel on more coal I mean shovel on more coal! How else will we make the grade?

  • Philsays:

    “Ok ! So we ran out of coal….I’ll get us there on time. Tell all the passengers to get out and push in the back!

  • Joe Bialeksays:

    “Somebody had their Weaties today!”

  • Louissays:

    Hey Walter, TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE DAMN BRAKE YOU NITWIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robertsays:

    I’m a Bald-win you’re a Hairy-win.

  • Neil Rookesays:

    Thought you checked the tender for coal

  • Tom Scholtensays:


  • Train Doctorsays:


  • Wilf Lalondesays:

    Ran on coal dust, for awhile…then that ran out!

  • Larrysays:

    Operational directive: Train crews are asked to preserve fuel to the best of their ability.

  • carpysays:

    you lost the toss, so dont complain

  • Johnsays:

    See mum, I told you that I pull more than my own weight around here.

  • hans kleynhanssays:

    I is the boss and if I say pull yous will pull got it

  • João Gasparsays:

    Stop acting like a clown help me pull this damn thing

  • Jamessays:

    Nothing like a bit of training to start the day

  • Per Leasays:

    Get off! This is too heavy for me!

  • paulsays:

    I’ll pull it, but not with you on it. Remember our radio flyer when we were kids? Same thing.

  • Daniel McEleneysays:

    Are you sure you can jump start the engine, this way

  • Virginia McAllister-Evanssays:

    “Who? Us? We’re not pulling around … !!”

  • Billsays:

    …and to think my cousin complained about freshman hazing. Wimp!

  • john turnersays:

    only twenty mile to go Bert

  • Bernard Siglersays:

    Get off. I can’t pull it with you on it.

  • Jimsays:

    Mule train

  • John Dragounsays:

    I think I can.I think I can.

  • Rogersays:

    If you got off this loco I’m sure I’d be able to pull it.

  • Ian Staleysays:

    Now you know why it’s called a “PULLMAN”

  • Mike McCarthysays:

    Just think, another 2,000 miles and we’ll be in San Francisco.

  • Marklin edsays:

    Look I said push not pull

  • Dave Tsays:

    OK when I say “go!” you tell him to let the clutch out.

  • Jimsays:

    I’ve had better days, when you remember to fill the tender.

  • Ghisays:

    Sorry, ran out of steam!

  • Bob Kenneysays:

    If you’re not going to pull, at least get off!

  • Graham Tomkinssays:

    I sure hope it gets to be your turn before they invent diesels!

  • Stephansays:

    “Whew, now that is how you stop a run-away train….”

  • Stephansays:

    If this thing is supposed to be a cow-catcher, it must have your bull that confused it?

  • Carl Cantrellsays:

    I’m not the one who said we had enough water to make the next tower without stopping at the last tower.

  • GMOMOsays:

    I thought you checked the tank?


    I think I can, I think can, mush!

  • LEOsays:

    Get off the engine, you are too heavy, i can’t pull damm it

  • thomas stockmansays:

    I told u to gas-up at the last depot…!!!

  • Anthony Diyennasays:

    I can’t wait for this coal miners’ strike to end!

  • Petersays:

    You,ll have to help me on the grades ya know.

  • Nealsays:

    I think we need more than 1 more horsepower……

    • Edsays:

      you mean manpower, don’t see no horse.

  • Jaysays:

    Darn EPA regulations!!!

  • WCAndersonsays:

    Steve, your way behind time!

  • Gerrysays:


  • Mikesays:

    Putting a new meaning to the phrase “a little help”

  • Robert Gallamoresays:

    Sure you have ‘er in Notch 8, Casey?

  • Leon van der Lindesays:

    Bill forgot to fill the tender again now he has to pull the train.

  • Leon van der Lindesays:

    The fire went out and Bill’s mother-in-law is in a hurry.

  • Charles Sealersays:

    Heads you pull, tails I push!

    • Edsays:

      Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are, that funny

  • Donald McGrawsays:

    ” One tie at a time”

  • Adam Swindellsays:

    “20 cars to couple Danny”

  • Edsays:

    Hey Joe, I have a flat, ya think you can pull me over so other cars can pass

  • Brucesays:

    “…And they think we can pull out that dent with just this?”

  • Rodsays:

    yea like this all my fault I told you to make sure we had enough fuel

  • Dansays:

    I can;t believe you forgot to fill the tender with coal!

  • Jimsays:

    Mush I say Mush, the next time don’t forget the coal goofy

  • Ron Scannellsays:

    Youre auditioning for ‘the worlds strongest man’, now pull

  • Telsays:

    I’m just tryin’ to clutch start it!!!

  • Walter Jodreysays:

    Excuse me, how far to the next water tower?

  • JohnOgdensays:

    The USA’s first Pullman.

  • Gerard Bohlmannsays:

    My turn!!!! My turn!!!!

  • chris lesebergsays:

    Always new I’d have to pull this thing when it wouldn’t start. And all just to run down to the store to get a loaf of bread.

  • Andysays:

    Come on put your back into it man, only another 100 miles to go.

  • A Jonessays:

    Southern Rail said if i can Pull it i Can have It

  • richard harrissays:

    I don’t think this is what my wife meant by pulling a train tonight!

  • Franksays:

    Ok you’ve done well on the flat bit, now put your back in it for the incline

  • Petersays:

    “Hey, not so fast. I’m getting travel sick up here”

  • Shelton Durhamsays:

    It’s a long way to Tipperary.

  • Robertsays:

    Another few pumps and we’ll be able to change the wheel.

  • allansays:

    hows this thing stuck up my butt goin to start her

  • paulsays:

    start of triathalon

  • Joe Lovellsays:

    Hey, remember what happened the last time you did this?

  • Bobsays:

    Just my luck! Me, an engine, and not a yard goat in sight.

  • Louis Davissays:

    I Really Hate These Budget Cuts !!!!!

  • Genesays:

    “Is that the Sunset Limited I hear?”

  • Richsays:

    Hey, you lost the bet, she really was a blonde

  • Debra Truchonsays:

    Oh damn we forgot about the bridge and tunnel

  • Charliesays:

    “And you thought Thomas the train was slow, LOL”

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    How come i always end up pulling and all you say is I’m helping to push

  • Lee Rosssays:

    wow, we could of had a 4-8-4

  • Kevinsays:

    Just pulling and a grinning

  • Edsays:

    Boy, I can’t wait until I have seniority

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