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DCC Running a Figure 8 Inside a Circle

George models in HO and asks:

There are a number of answers for reversing loops but with a figure 8 running inside a circle, I see 4 reversing loops. All reversing loops have intersecting tracks with the other loops. How is this wired with DCC and keep the train[s] all running?”

2 Responses to DCC Running a Figure 8 Inside a Circle

  • Dalesays:

    For that configuration, a loop with two crossover tracks, I would divide the layout into three sections, The center section would consist of the turnouts, the crossing tracks and the track connecting the frog ends of the turnouts along the back and front of the layout. This entire section would be powered from the main bus.

    The loops at the ends of the layout would be the two reversing sections and would get powered by the auto-reverser.

  • Василийsays:

    Atlas makes a “Twin” swit 2001 ch which basically contains 2 DPDT switches to help simplify this wiring. This Twin switch can also be used in the same way for the manual control of the reversing loop. Speaking of short circuits in DCC model railroad wiring, some people do recommend that if you have a large layout, you should create 2 or more electrically separate regions of the layout and connect them to circuit breakers, such that if you do get a short circuit somewhere in one region, it will automatically break the circuit to that region only and won’t affect other areas of the layout. This may be helpful during a group operating session, where most of the model railroad wiring and layout will still work even if there’s a short circuit in one area. This may be easy to fix or it may require some troubleshooting. You don’t want your whole operating session to have to shut down due to one little technical problem if you can avoid it. The PM42 Digitrax Power Manager device makes it easy to connect up to four sections of your layout to one booster, or power station.

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