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NCE Power Cab

Alvin models N scale and asks readers:

How do I reduce the sound volume on my DCC locos with sound by using my NCE Power Cab?”

See the comments and suggestions below.

5 Responses to NCE Power Cab

  • John Howiesays:

    I would suggest that you download JMRI (free) which is a great program to change CV’s especially individual sounds. You will need an interface and a preferably a laptop. Will work on Mac or PC.

  • Geoffsays:

    As I understand it, you can turn the sound on and off using F8, which I think is just the 8 key on the Powercab panel. But as far as lowering the volume, if you don’t want to get into JMRI, you need to look at the info sheet for your decoder and find out which CV controls the sound volume, and what the ranges are, and then you can use your powercab to set the value for that CV (and setting CV values is on page 53 of my powercab manual 🙂 )

  • The N-Scale Nerdsays:

    The PowerCab will allow you to do this. In the manual that came with your PowerCab, check out the PROGRAMMING MENUS section. – Read it!
    There’s a section Set any CV (Option 2)

    You have to access the CV’s in your decoder to set the sound level, so you DO need to know which CV you’re changing. (Caution: If you change the wrong CV, you can cause issues, so BE CAREFUL)

    Best to tinker on a programming track – Not on your layout!

  • phil johnsonsays:

    I think it’s CV128

  • Larry Cardsays:

    Look at the users manual for the DCC decoder, it will tell you which CV controls master volume.

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