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Rapido Parts

Tom writes:

“I’m old-fashioned and have 200 cars with Rapido couplers that work fine for me for years and grandkids. All the new engines come with Micro couplers. No one seems to know where I can get this Rapido replacement part for Micro diesel coupler? Any thoughts?”

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6 Responses to Rapido Parts

  • David Stokessays:

    Get out the jewelers saw and two part epoxy, get a good night’s sleep and do some really delicate butchery on your locos to swap Micro couplers for Rapido.

    Personally I think that would be a backward step.

    Better to swap the trucks/couplers to Micro style as that is the future (and probably the present too).

    BTW, I have a stack of N Scale equipment and some of the rolling stock are set up with different couplers each end so that I can use either my modern motive power, or my old Arnold stuff

  • Tomsays:

    Guys here’s what I need. Where can I find a dozen or so?????

    • Lee Kulassays:

      Try eBay

  • Scottsays:

    Tom, you didn’t mention which scale you are looking for. I got these included with a Bachman Empire builder train set, in N scale. I looked on Bachmann’s site, but only found 5 rolling stock, that had them as an optional coupler included. Maybe contact Bachman customer service and ask if you can buy some.

    • Antoniosays:

      Here in Eu the couplers are rapido the most in. I bought two Kato
      Locos and they come with knuckle. Somente suggest buying a Bachmann car as they come with a pair of the above to Change One
      In the car and the other in the Loco. I tried find tem as spares
      Even on eBay but nothing.

  • J (only) E Wilsonsays:

    Hi There: I just did a double check and eBay.com has both, couplers themselves &
    trucks with Rapido couplers in N scale. Yes, I have bought them before on eBay and they sre great. I model in HO,b HOn3 and HOn2 1/2 (on N scale track) which is where I use these. I also have a small Z scale in the back corner for depth and distance. I just did a Bing lookup of ‘rapido couplers’ and there were listings for Rapido Couplers on ebay and I checked and they were for sale and more than 1 seller. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY RAILROADING.

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