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Which Couplers?

John asks:

I recently bought some older rolling stock for N scale.  They all have Rapido couplers.  Can I stay with those as I develop a more modern train layout or should I find a modern coupler for the rolling stock that I want to use?  If so, what kind?”

5 Responses to Which Couplers?

  • Garret D Colemansays:

    I had rapido couplers on my older rolling stock, but converted to newer Micro Trains couplers to be compatible with my newer locomotives. It was a challenge due to the scale of the parts. But if you have patience it can be done.

  • Robert Guntersays:

    I have converted all of my freight to Micro Trains, now working on my engine fleet, I plan only to modify my lead car on my passenger fleet since they will not be interchanging car like the freight would.

  • David Stokessays:

    Are you a model railroader, or do you play with trains (Don’t get me wrong, I am both, so no offence meant)
    If the latter, Rapido couplings are probably OK for ever except when you buy the new loco or get one for Xmas. You will then need to convert a few wagons to have Micro Trains couplers one end and Rapido’s the other. That works.

    However, if you are running a railway in N scale – actually operating – then you will find the convenience of Micro Trains couplers worth the hassle to convert. Put them on the car like the real thing though, rather than on the bogies. Have fun

  • The N-Scale Nerdsays:

    The solutions for “remote” de-coupling of Rapido couplers are not all that efficient or cost effective, (eq Peco, PL25 electromagnetic uncoupler + “Lifting arms”. You have to bend and glue the lifting arms on to each Rapido and make sure the arms are set to the right height. Then mount the de-coupler, run wires, install a button or momentary switch to control it…..Nah too much!)

    Whereas the Micro-trains, magnetic couplers are ones that I have explored that can be de-coupled with a pair of A$1 neodymium magnets buried on both sides of the track (with a “Decoupling Point” sign indicating where they are.) Their retro-fit is waaaaay easier than tinkering with the Rapidos.

  • Cartersays:

    I’m new to this hobby, and appreciate the great advice.

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