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Identify The Engine in Murder on the Orient Express Movie

Andrew posts:

“I heard there were some USA built steam engines operating in France after WW2, which made me curious as to the type of loco used in the 2017 movie version of Murder on the Orient Express. It looks unusual. Does anyone know more what type it is?”

Murder on the Orient Express steam engine

9 Responses to Identify The Engine in Murder on the Orient Express Movie

  • Marvinsays:

    It looks like a German design.the cylinders are not American design. Is it a 4-8-0?

  • Markus Buckleysays:

    SNCF 241 P65 Mountain Class – The loco would have been changed at each border crossing. Its a 4-8-2 config.

  • Bastiaan J.J. Polssays:

    To me it looks like a French 241P

  • Renaud Ricadatsays:

    This is a french-built “mountain” loco, called “241 A”, for being the first type (“A”) of his type of chassis: 2 wheels front bissel, 4 big traction wheels and a rear 1 wheel guiding bissel: on profile, you read 2-4-1 wheel disposal. They were loved my their drivers and chauffeurs, and they kindly called them “le bœuf” (bullock)

    They were built from 1930 to 1935 in northern France, by Fives-Lille crafters. They’ve been on heavy duty service and international express trains until… 1965.

    200 tons, 3500hp, +110km/h

    Trix made two nice models of those beauties, one is exactly the same seen in the “murder on the Orient Express” movie, and another one in the green livery of the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l’Est.

    Trix refs are 22941 and 22913, quite expensive and the first one is hard to find.

  • Renaud Ricadatsays:

  • Ole Wodsays:

    just added some Orient Express overview 1951-1965

  • Ole Wodsays:

    just added some Orient Express overview 1909-1935

  • Morgan Bilbosays:

    The only thing I could add is that if it was German, it would have red wheels. French were not flashy.

  • Paul Reinhartsays:

    FYI – I search on google and found the following:
    Murder on the Orient Express – Goofs (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3402236/goofs)
    Under Anachronisms:
    ‘Even though attractive SNCF 241.P 65 was used, the Class 241 was built from 1948 to 1952, but the movie takes place in 1934.’

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