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Atlas # 6 Turnouts and Intermittent Stalling at Different Points

Dave B asks:

“I do have stall problems on my Atlas # 6 turnouts. I do understand that shot wheelbase shifters have issues sometimes but my 2 truck GP’s have issues with them also. I RUN DCC, DIGITRAX.

Additionally, I started to have intermittent stalling at different points on my layout with my GP’s and not all at the same place. Sometimes it happens after they stalled at the turnouts. I’ll take on any suggestions!”

5 Responses to Atlas # 6 Turnouts and Intermittent Stalling at Different Points

  • mel sloan says:

    Check the points at the from. Make sure there is a gap.

  • Hervey says:

    When I have issues it is almost always dirt that is the culprit. Clean the wheels and the track. Your intermittent stalling on the layout tells me you have dirt on the pickup wheels and possibly on the contacts that transfer power from the wheels. A poor electrical connection could make your 4 axle GP act like a 2 axle loco,
    You could add a Keep Alive but that just masks the problem

  • mark O'Dowd says:

    I have the same issue. I will clean the track again. I also have problems on this one switch when my steel wheels on my cars go over it

  • robert says:

    Sometimes a buildup of crud in the frog lifts the wheel at that point. Also check the switching rails to make sure they haven’t developed a dip.

  • Rudy says:

    Had a similar problem…I recently had to replace a turnout and then lay down some new ballast. I thought that I’d cleaned the rails properly but my engines kept hesitating in 2 or 3 spots near the new turnout. The inside sections of the switching rails had some scenery cement on them, preventing good power contact, when closed… I cleaned them off and all is good.

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