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Inner and Outer Helix Tracks

Graeme asks:

“I am looking at a double-track HELIX, is there a way to have some indication of the outer track and inner tracks? I am using the following Numbers for A=31.6, B=3.75, C=19.5, (was using D=6, but now D= 7, to accommodate, some special POINTs/Switches E=8. I am looking at having 3/8th threaded rod for supports. I am also looking at the 8 Sections, (1/2 inch thick) per ring to be of a special shape, having the JOINING portions at an ANGLE and to be grooved on these Ends and have an INSERT (3ply) for each join, to be screwed only.”

Add your thoughts below if you can assist Graeme.

8 Responses to Inner and Outer Helix Tracks


    Check TRACKSIDE SCENERY for helix. He cuts helixes to custom on a laser with corflute.

  • Frank B says:

    Please would you add a diagram and explain your question ? What do you want an indication of ?

    • Graeme David Wilson says:

      Hi Frank, Thanks for your reply, what I was after, was how to the results show a Double Helix, with one set of tracks for one show one things and the % incline, I was wanting to know how much room will be taken with a Double Track, I am thinking ABC are for the incline and DE will tell you how much Material is needed.
      Peco have about 52mm spacing, but have found some Walthers Points the fit the Radius for further adding to come off at a different height, now looking at returning Stored trains down 2 tracks to 2 different areas.

  • Bert says:

    Graeme Good Morning,
    Look at Charlie’s video from Chadwick Model Railway on the net. Great information for someone wanting to build his on helix. Cheers Bert

  • Graeme David Wilson says:

    Hi BERT, I have had another look at CHADWICK MODEL RAILWAY, with Charlie and his HELIX, I think I have got something in mind now, with mine using 3/8 threaded Rods and a narrower Base, I will more likely take the extra space with these RODS and look at the narrow base to be enough for me.
    Thanks Graeme


    Take it form me – – making your own helix is not for the faint of heart. Watch that incline to be no more than 2 %. I strongly recommend you go with trackside scenery and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Whatever you do – the best of luck.


    Be sure to build one ring, and test it thoroughly as you go up. Stay very concentric. The next ring – text both, another, test all 3 – and so on. Your alternate solution would be an incline.

    Remember for every 50 inches of horizontal, you go up 1 inch to keep a 2% grade.

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