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Gear Slipping on HO Scale Norfolk and Western Class J

David posted this:

“My sons love model trains but it is something I never messed with as a child. I am fully indulging their hobby looking for things on Craigslist and eBay. I just gave my son an HO Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 train I bought used off of eBay for his birthday. It ran around the track once perfectly, but then it started acting like the motor was not catching the gears properly. It runs but acts like a transmission slipping. I have repaired Thomas track master trains and a small HO Freedom Train but this train is larger and more complicated at least to me.

1) Is there a resource any of you would recommend for adjusting or replacing gears on such a model?

2)We live in Western North Carolina. Are there places I could take it for repair if it is beyond my scope and abilities? Thanks”

3 Responses to Gear Slipping on HO Scale Norfolk and Western Class J

  • Hervey says:

    If you are not experienced with locomotive repair then don’t start with a steam locomotive. They are generally more difficult to get apart and if you manage to get it apart you have to ensure the wheels are quartered when you reassemble it. If you have to ask what that means take it to a repair facility.

    In WNC you could try the “Train Shop” in Marion. They might do repairs and if not they could direct you to any nearby facility that does.

    Good luck.

  • Richard Walter says:

    My guess is you’ve purchased an older Bachmann loco. This was a common problem with them. If you remove the boiler and see a white disc-,like upright motor, you’ve got an early version. You can check with Bachmann’s Parts Dept. but I’d be surprised if replacements are available.

  • Richard Walter says:

    My guess is that you have an early Bachmann loco. This is a common problem with them. If you remove the boiler shell and find a disc-like, upright motor (usually white), then this is the problem. You can check with Bachmann’s Parts Dept., but it’s not likely they’ll stock a replacement.

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