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Decoders and Speakers

Palitha asks:

Can someone kindly recommend DCC decoders and speakers for the following DC engines
1, DENVER & RIO GRANDE GP40 Diesel Locomotive Atlas #7038 HO
2,H0 Fleischmann 1156 Dampflok Baureihe 56 DB, AC, OVP

3 Responses to Decoders and Speakers

  • phil johnson says:

    Try Sound Traxx

  • Hervey says:

    For the Atlas GP-40 I would go with a Soundtraxx TSU-PNP8 # 885813 as the decoder. For the speaker my go to speaker for all installs is the I phone 4 speaker. If it is too long you can cut it back from the narrow end.
    Your Fleishmann model is an AC drive that is non-compatible with a DCC decoder. You can replace the motor with a DC motor. At that point, verify the maximum current draw when stalled. That value will tell you the model of decoder to install. If you are going to stay consistent with Soundtrax I would suspect you will require a TSU-2200 #88407 then set it for a medium sized steam locomotive. It is important that you ensure the drive is electrically isolated from the frame and the electrical pickups. Once again I would go with the I phone 4 speaker. These are readily available on line in ten packs for approximately $20.00. Their sound is truly impressive for a $2.00 speaker.

  • Donnis Davis says:

    agree Sound traxx would be the best choice, their web site will allow you direct contact with their personnel. Whenever I get a new loco and need a sound decoder and speaker system I ask evern thou they have a selection to choose your own, Also found TCS will do the same. Enjoy your train.

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