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Kadee 50-footer Boxcar Coupler

Garry posted:

“One of my Kadee 50 footers has a bent coupler I need to fix but I’m not sure how to remove the coupler cover without damaging it. I guess they are not designed to be fixed?”

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2 Responses to Kadee 50-footer Boxcar Coupler

  • Jim Myrhum says:

    Replacing couplers depends mostly on what brand ( Manufacturer ) this coupler is on. There are many different systems for attaching Kadee Couplers. The next part is even harder — are you sure it is a Kadee??? there are several brands that are all similar to the Kadee coupler. You might want to go to Kadee’s website. they are helpful, if you know who made the car and what type knuckler coupler is on it.

  • Frank B says:

    The Kadee website is extremely helpful and informative – Kadee.com
    Have you checked for the information you need there ?

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