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DCC Sound Equipped Class K4 Bachmann 4-6-2 Issues

Phil posted this question:

“My HO loco has gone on strike and doesn’t want to move. The sound of the engine running works as does the horn noise and the light, but it just sits there and I can’t read the CV values. I can’t seem to reset the CV8 or read the loco number. The wheel contacts and wiring appear to be connected properly, and my other locos are operating correctly. Not sure what to do? Please help if you can.”

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5 Responses to DCC Sound Equipped Class K4 Bachmann 4-6-2 Issues

  • Bruce Woods says:

    You may have a problem with the motor and/or gearing in the loco. If the loco stalled the excess drive it required from the DCC decoder may have caused an internal failure within the DCC chip.
    I would strip down the loco and carry out some corrective maintenance

    • Jerry says:

      Perhaps the drive wheel quartering shifted to prevent the wheels from turning. Another thing you can try is in DC mode to apply track wire directly to the motor. If it runs then the module might be badl

  • Bob says:

    My Dad had a problem with the original Bachmann K4s. We each bought two and in a short time, the spoke wheels bowed outward, effectively locking the drive rods and preventing them from turning. I hope they corrected that issue and you are not experiencing a similar fate.

  • Hervey says:

    Pray it is something simple such as a disconnected wire. You have power getting to the decoder and it is at least partially working. Check the connections to the motor. Start at the motor with a multi meter if you have power there and no movement or hum then your motor is fried. If you can see that the motor is trying to turn but no movement is possible, check for a mechanical issue impeding the movement. If no power is detected work you way back to the decoder checking every solder or plug joint until you find power. If you find a connection where the power returns you have found your problem. If you find no power at the last connection prior to the decoder your decoder is your problem and needs to be replaced.

  • Frank B says:

    Take it with you to your local model railroad club. They will normally be delighted to assist.

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