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What To Use For Skirting Around Layout

Simon models in N scale and asks:

“Suggestions please for types of skirting below the layout to hide the wires and stuff I pack underneath it. Thanks guys.”

Add your thoughts below.

7 Responses to What To Use For Skirting Around Layout

  • don kadunc says:

    1/8 inch Masonite and landscape cloth for drape

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    I’ve seen some where they use a cheap cloth such as muslin. A color that you like. Cheaper the better, since it’s only to hide the mess. If the area to be covered is about 3′, you are home free. If other, you will have to get wider or narrower cloth. Or just let it hang low enough. Example: If your layout is 4′, use the 3′ cloth and leave a foot open at the bottom. A cloth will allow you access without having to make a fixed wall or other.

    • Joe Graffi says:

      Not real cheap but I bought 10 yards of “Realtree” camo and had my wife cut 8 lengths at 40″ and finish all 4 edges. Then she sewed velcro on where needed. I put velcro strips along the edge of the layout and hung the panels individually so I can remove as needed to get under the layout.

  • Frank B says:

    Old curtains (or new) or similar fabric – cut to appropriate length, choose a colour or pattern to simulate scenic features such as mountains, trees or similar.

  • David Stokes says:

    As above, or 3mm MDF cut into strips.

  • Ken says:

    Hobby lobby has plenty of yards of fabric and very readonable

  • Steve from Toronto Canada says:

    I use shower curtains tat the wife wants replaced. I give them a quick wash outside with the carwash brush and soap, slice to width and staple them on. Hides everything underneath.

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