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Mainline Direction of Travel

Rich asks:

“I’m designing a 6 X 12 layout (HO). I’m liking the idea of multiple long mainline loops with cross-overs of some variety. I’ll have a yard and an industry (coal mine), too. My question is are most layouts designed with a primary direction in mind? How is that established? Thanks.”

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3 Responses to Mainline Direction of Travel

  • phil+johnson says:

    Most US RR’s use right hand running, except C&NW and a few areas out west, due to stiff grades. C&NW was due to Lake Michigan. Trains traveling east on their lines used the left track in double track territory. Which is opposite of other RR. Sorry, I’m not familiar enough to help with eastern RR’s

  • Joe Graffi says:

    Unless you are modeling a specific area of a prototype, I don’t see an issue with direction. I run freight and passenger service in steam and run the passenger service one direction and all the freight the opposite.
    My layout staging yoad and commercial sidings all favor one direction over the other. I made the passenger service purposely favor the other.

  • Graeme Wilson says:

    coming in and unloading/loading on the outer, I see no problem the inner coming in the other way, doing the same,

    MY BELIEVE – its your layout
    hoping its on DCC

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