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Mixing Turnouts

Patrick asks:

“Can I mix turnout brands eg. Walthers with Peco?”

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10 Responses to Mixing Turnouts

  • Hervey Howe says:

    I would definitely not recommend it. The truth is that though they may all be the same code (100 or 83 in HO) if you actually measure them they are not the same dimensions in height of the rail, flange width to name the two most critical. In fact your rail should be the same manufacturer throughout unless transitioning to a smaller rail for a siding or something like that. Just remember every variant is a potential trouble problem. If you want a layout that runs smoothly limit the number of variables.

  • Dan says:

    Yes, I’ve used Peco with Atlas. just had modify the rail joiners.

  • Dwight Campbell says:

    Patrick, you may get a lot of opinions on this so let me just give you a thought.
    The answer is yes but each manufacturer’s switch may be slightly different in geography and or wiring. A yard ladder, for example, should be built using the same brand because of geometry if a special switch like a slip switch is needed from a different brand just plan properly – measure twice and cut once. Two other thoughts; 1. It’s easier to use the same brand throughout just from a supply standpoint and 2. I think it looks better if the trackwork is homogenous. Bottom line, it’s your railroad – HAVE FUN!

  • Dwight Campbell says:

    I said geography and meant to say geometry.

  • David Stokes says:

    The guys are right, use one brand throughout IF POSSIBLE. But if, as I have done, you get a heap of secondhand gear cheap, why not use it? I have had no problems, but here’s the tip. To make a siding use the same brand each end, to make a yard ladder, use the same brand, but if it;s a junction it doesn’t matter.

  • Donald Kadunc says:

    I have mostly the new Walther turnouts but have some Peco and Atlas. Use only the same brand in a daisy chain such as in a yard ladder, otherwise mix and match as you like. I use all Atlas flex track. Use Atlas 100/83 rail joiners as they work with all brands. Peco rail joiners only work with Peco turnouts.

  • phil+johnson says:

    Yes, you may. Over the past several years, I’ve been forced to use Atlas, Peco, Shinohara, Micro Engineering and Walthers. My home layout is all Shinohara, Micro Engineering and the new Walthers code 83. Each has their good and bad points, as you’ll probably read/see here. You’ll find M-E and Peco rails don’t match well with others.

  • Phillip Collns says:

    I’ve used Peco & Atlas. Some are exact matches for geometry, but flange ways do differ and I’ve had to widen Atlas flangeways

  • Joe Graffi says:

    I have Atlas, Shinohara (old Walthers) and Micro engineering turnouts on the HO layout and 100% Atlas flex track, all in code 83.
    I did not place any of the different turnouts “back to back” with each other but have had no issues related to the trains moving over any of them.

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