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Surge Protection?

Tim models HO and asks:

“I will be converting my layout from DC to DCC and will purchase the NCE Power Cab starter set after reading favorable reviews online and in this blog. I read on one website that it is important to make sure to have surge protection to protect from shorts and recommended purchasing a CP6 surge protector. Is this necessary? My layout is L shaped (8′ x 5′) and is 3 concentric loops connected with turnouts. The wires to my turnouts are not connected to any device as of yet. I currently run my layout with the basic Bachmann controller that came in my train starter kit with the 2 wires from the controller connected to one section of track.”

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One Response to Surge Protection?

  • geoff says:

    It’s recommended to have surge protection, no matter what size of layout you have.

    The NMRA now recommends that light bulbs no longer be used as surge protection, and the CP6 has been discontinued. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one, if you can find it! I am using Tam Valley’s DCC Circuit Breaker.

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