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Cleaning Train Corrosion

Bob asks readers:

“I’ve unpacked my o gauge train after two years. There is quite a bit of build up of corrosion. What can I use to clean it off?

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5 Responses to Cleaning Train Corrosion

  • Robert Matteson says:

    Wipe down the corrosion with a rag dampened with WD 40, just don’t need to get it too wet. For areas that are hard to get to, like corners or walk ways, use an acid brush or small paint brush with the bristles trimmed short, with a little WD on it. Then wipe down with a dry rag so the residue won’t collect dust.

  • Joe Graffi says:

    2,000 grit wet’n’dry sand paper. Make up a block (2 ½” x 5″) and attach the sand paper to it. Dampen the paper with 70% alcohol and lightly “sand” the tops of the rails. 2,000 grit will remove corrosion. IT WILL NOT damage OR scratch the rails! I do this once a year on my HO nickel-silver track with no issues.
    Follow up with a pad (I make mine from blue jean material), dampen with 70% alcohol and wipe the rails the clean of everything.
    Have fun.

  • Anil Liyanage says:

    There is a eraser like rubber piece which has some sand paper like effect. I got one with an old train set. I wonder whether the hobby shops still carry them. Quite handy as it is a solid piece ideal for rails. Pretty much like the erasers used those days to erase ink pen writing.

  • Fred Anderon says:

    I like all the responses. And I am ready to clean my 2 00 engines after being in storage for 3 months.Hope they work

  • Don cheeks says:

    I like contact cleaner for that. Spray on a rag and wipe off.

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