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Engine Fetish

Russell writes:

“I have to admit that I have a bit of a fetish for buying new engines. I already have far more than I realistically need on my N scale layout (I’m too embarrassed to say how many). Am I the only one with this predilection? Please tell me I’m not alone?”

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11 Responses to Engine Fetish

  • Ananda says:

    Well, that is not unusual. I once got hooked to an N scale engine that was not working. The seller just took $10 for it. Then I had to buy track to test it. Then I bought more engines on eBay. This went on until I got a High sierra layout from a disabled person who could not deal with it…. Now, I am on my old HO collection and starting a layout and what am I going to do with the N scale layout? No place to keep it and too small to deal with it at my age! I wish Radio Shack had answers to these also! You know their famous ad ” You got questions? We have answers!” Well, what can I do?

    Just enjoy them as long as you can.

  • geoff says:

    You can never have too many! The obvious thing to do is to rotate them. I think this is why some people get extremely precise about the area and period they are modelling, and only have locomotives and rolling stock if it ran on that railroad at that time – it helps to limit what you buy! I am freelancing, but I model narrow gauge and there’s not that much range to stock to choose from!

  • Bruce Woods says:

    You can NEVER have too many. Just remember the old saying…”He/she who dies with the most toys…Wins!”

  • Rick Guercio says:

    Its like horsepower for ’60’s muscle cars and speed. Can you ever have too much?

  • Charles Bell says:

    I have about 175 HO locomotives in my collection, some are dummy unpowered but most are powered. It is a mix of standard DC and DCC. Some have sound and some don’t. To me, it documents my journey in model railroading. From my first Tyco set in the 1970s to the present. My first locomotive still runs and I enjoy tinkering and repairing them. I don’t have a layout filling up a room or basement but my 4×8 foot plywood train board is enough to do what I enjoy.

  • Morgan BIlbo says:

    You are not alone. In fact, I’d guess you are in the majority. I can’t tell you how many I have. Most in boxes.

  • Tom Miller says:

    I understand completely. I’ve decided to live with it. As vices go (I keep reminding my wife) it’s pretty mild. Think of all the more expensive things you could be doing with your money and this one is innocuous.


    I know some people has gambling fever they just can’t stop. well I have the same problem when it comes to buying train engines.I’m into G scale mostly LGB and a few Piko G scales, my lay out takes up 2/3 of my basement and can only run 8 trains. All told I have about 100 engines. I build most all my own building box cars, container carriers low boy cars, logging cars etc;

  • David Rea says:

    You are not alone, as others have already said. Maybe you need therapy though to make you feel better about it all?

  • monty says:

    hi Russell, your not on your own at last count I had 215 locos and over 1000 peaces of rolling stock,
    now I have to think about moving some of it on ,but how do you do it each time ago though it all I think that I need that peace and place it back in the box. good luck with it all all the best to everyone .
    regards Monty


    My only concern with this hobby in general is for those that go nuts with it, pour thousands of dollars into it, and then pass on and leave your widow to deal with it.

    Please be sure to have an exit plan for your family to deal with it at the end.

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