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Running Tsunami-Equipped Locomotives With Digitrax Controller

Geoff asks:

“My tsunami-equipped engines seem to run faster than the others at the same throttle setting. How can I get the faster HO engines to run closer to a scale speed on the same setting? I have a Digitrax throttle and You are correct I don’t generally run it any faster than on half throttle.”

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4 Responses to Running Tsunami-Equipped Locomotives With Digitrax Controller

  • Morgan BIlbo says:

    The answer lies with the CV’s 2, 5 & 6. CV2 is the voltage at which the loco starts. CV5 is the top or maximum speed and CV6 is the mid speed. So, one loco may need a CV5 of 255/max and another loco may need 200 and still another need 150. You have to test them each, one at a time. Setting CV6 for mid speed is the last thing you do and should be about half of what setting you have CV5 set at. Another thing. Read the manuals that came with the decoder.

  • Bob Elsam says:

    It is difficult to get them to run at the same setting, as it depends on how many winding are on the motor, and the gears. Kind regards Bob

  • Deon Zeelie says:

    Play around with the cv values like Morgan said, I used my Roco Z21 to speed match my locos. It does it automatically of a set piece of track in both direction. I used 2 meter of track on my z scale and they run within 10 mm of each other around 60 meters of track. Also very helpful when running a consist

  • Nigel says:

    If you can connect your DCC system to your computer, definitely worth downloading DecoderPro from the JMRI website:


    It’s free and reasonably easy to set the CVs that other respondents have referred to and also to set a speed profile.

    Good luck!

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