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Insulfrog Vs Live Frog Peco Points

Ray models OO and asks:

“Would I use Insulfrog or live frog Peco points on a digital layout? Any pointers appreciated.”

You are welcome to post your comments below this post.

7 Responses to Insulfrog Vs Live Frog Peco Points

  • Alan Sandsrule says:

    In my opinion I would I would use Electrofrog points and use Gaugemaster autofrog, all you need is two insulating rail joiners in the V of the points, one wire coming down from the point to the autofrog, two wires from the Autofrog to the main bus line, that is it.

    I have 14 points on my layout including a double slip switch.

    Alan Sandsrule Perth
    Western Australia

  • michael i gilmor says:

    Both will work. PECO wiring diagrams are available on DCC Wikipedia. I use both. For powering the points, I’ve used 2 micro switches activated by the throw rod.

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    The new Unifrog might be the best choice. I use Insulfrog because I don’t do anything to them. No wiring, no machines, etc. Use finger flick, and point feed for electrical contact. Electrofrog require wiring, so are the choice if you intend to use a machine, etc.And for a more positive electrical feed than relying on point feed. The new Unifrog is supposed to solve all the problems. I’ll let others tell more.

  • Bill says:

    Depends on a number of factors. How long are your locos. Short based locos will tend to have problems on insulfrog turnouts. Live frog is a bit more work to install but if you are planning to have the layout for a while you will be happier with live frog. If you are planning to remodel frequently then go with insulfrog.

  • Roger says:

    I agree with Bill. Electrofrog is the way to go. Wiring is slightly more complicated than Insulfrog but not really a problem and running is more reliable.

  • Nigel says:

    If you can cope with the extra faff of electrofrog wiring, it’s always going to be a safer bet. Ultimately, it depends on the pickup configuration of your locomotives. Insulfrogs are always a risk for 0-4-0 locomotives but even a long wheelbase diesel may struggle if each bogie only picks up power from one side of the track which is not unheard of in older locomotives.

    As someone else has commented, unifrogs may be the answer as you can start off with them in insulfrog configuration but add the requisite changes without ripping up the track if you realise you need electrofrogs.

    • Alan Sandsrule says:

      I use electrofrog points with only 2 insulation joiners and 1 wire going from the point to an Gaugemaster Autofrog, 2 wires from that to the bus wires even handles a slip switch, you will have to do extra wiring if you use point motors which I don’t.
      If the Autofrog sees a short it changes the polarity in milliseconds, use on reverse loops with no extra wiring.
      Alan sandsrule
      Perth Western Aostralia

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