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Helix Ring Diameter

Jack asks:

“Should the ring diameter be the track radius times 2, plus 1/2 of the ring width? What is the vertical distance between rings, and is this from the bottom side of each ring?”

3 Responses to Helix Ring Diameter

  • Dale says:

    There are few hard and fast rules for either measure. The innermost ring diameter depends on the minimum radius of the innermost track allowing for some space on both sides of the track for safety. The outermost diameter depends on the radius of the outermost track, again allowing for inter-track spaces and safety space. So the diameter of the ring will depend on the number of tracks and the spacing between them.

    As for the height of the rings, this also depends on the scale of the trains and the height of the tallest car. Be sure to leave enough clearance to be able to reach in and access trains in the case of a derailment.

  • leon says:

    A switchback is a much simpler way to climb as long as the construction is done properly especially if you are new to the hobby.

    You can effectively conquer 2 to 4 percent grades with a multiple engine consist and effectively without helpers building the train in a DPU set up.

  • Don Kadunc says:

    I have used 2% foam incline from Woodland Scenic. On top of the foam I used Luan plywood. A 22″ radius gives 2.68 ” This is the clearance to the next level. You will need to measure your highest car on the track to see if it will work. I would recommend kickout of 1/2′ A 25″ radius with Luan gives a 2.95″ clearance. This gives a more gentle curve. Added spirals should be Luan and spacers should be the clearance height. Ply wood can be used for specers.

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