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Lights Not Working on Newer Athearn Genesis Locomotive

Ken writes:

“Greetings, you’d think it would be an easy fix to get the lights to come back on on my HO Athearn Genesis locomotive. I’m using a Digitrax DCS52 controller and have read (and tried) every CV code written to no avail. I’ve even reset the factory settings and the headlight not directional lights come on anymore. And yes, I’ve selected ‘0’ on my controller. Athearn couldn’t help me, they said I should reach out to Soundtraxx. Soundtraxx will only send me a link to their CV guide. No one seems to want to give me a straight answer. I’d hate to send the locomotives back to the shop just for a quick CV change, so I’m hoping someone here will have any ideas that I may not have tried. Thanks guys.”

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5 Responses to Lights Not Working on Newer Athearn Genesis Locomotive

  • Dale says:

    I would start off by using a volt meter to see if there is voltage actually going to the lights, and is it correct for the type of lamps. If yes, perhaps the lights themselves are bad. If not, check the connections. If they are okay, the next step might be to try replacing the decoder.

  • Robert Morey says:

    I would apply some power directly to the bulbs to see if they work.

  • Frank B says:

    Maybe its just a loose wire. Check the voltage is coming from the DCC module all the way dow the wires to the LED.

  • Ralph F says:

    Make sure the connection to the decoder plug is tight. I had a similar issue, and this was my correction.

  • Ken Holbrook says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ve ruled out the light bulb being burnt out or a loose wire or low track voltage. When I return the loco to factory settings on the programming track (or main line) after I power off and the back on, the lights blink 13 times as they are supposed to as it goes through its reset cycle. So there is track power (confirmed with a digital voltmeter). I did find however that the lights all work fine until I change the address from the default 0003 to any other address number. It’s weird. So for now, I just keep it named 0003. Thanks

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