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Proto 2000 GP9 Gear Box

Adam models HO and asks:

“The front gearbox on my Proto 2000 GP9 diesel has seized up. The rear drivers still turn as do the flywheels and front drive shaft. The front driver gears won’t. I will need to take out the motor and gear boxes, but I’m not sure how to go about that and fixing the problem. Some words from the wise would be very much appreciated. With thanks.”

Please add any suggestions to assist Adam under this post.

4 Responses to Proto 2000 GP9 Gear Box

  • Robert West says:

    The axle gears that connect the two halves of the axles have probably cracked. This is a common issue with Proto 2000 GPs. If this is the case, you don’t need to even take off the body. On the bottom of the truck is a cover that snaps on. Use a small flat screwdriver to carefully pry it off, then you can remove the axles. Athearn part 60024 should be a direct replacement for the gears. Pull the axles apart, replace the gears, and reassemble. They will be a tight fit. Use an NMRA standards gauge to make make sure the wheels are in gauge. Then put them back in the truck, maybe add a tiny bit of grease to the gears, and snap the cover back on.

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    All I can suggest is to obtain an exploded drawing of the engine. They used to include one with the loco. ? Don’t Walthers now produce Proto 2000? You might contact them. Without a drawing, trying to describe dismantling by words is very difficult.

  • Steve Rowe says:

    You don’t need a exploded drawing to replace the gears in the trucks. Robert West had the appropriate fix. I’ve just done this to a 20 year old Proto 2000 GP-9 and it runs like new. You can use grease on the gears or a tiny bit of LaBelle 107 oil. It doesn’t take much.

  • Paul says:

    Youtube has several videos on repairing the gears that should be of help to you.

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