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Radio Controlled Locomotives

Zolton asks:

“Hello everyone, Could someone recommend me please a supplier who is offering HO scale locomotives having a radio remote control and battery on the loco, so I do not have to use a digital control and energy supply trough the rails?”

3 Responses to Radio Controlled Locomotives

  • Dale says:

    The only thing I could find online is the S-Cab system (www.s-cab.com). I don’t know if it will help you.

  • BernardH says:

    Look up Deltang, they do small receivers and some controllers for several locos.
    They have been in business for a number of years and are very good at their job.
    Their products get good reviews

  • Jay Ross says:

    Bachmann has several locomotives that you can control with a smartphone app: youtube.com/watch?v=0voold1_VA0 I had one, and it worked quite good, it was a steamer. I realized that I could probably add a battery inside of the tender, and it would be free to run without track power. However, I didn’t need to because I run all DCC equipment, so I sold it off. I have built 3 radio-controlled locomotives, one with sound. On two of them, I used the Deltang Receiver and a dual joystick controller. For the loco with sound, I used a DCC/sound board obtained from an Athearn diesel, that came with a small remote. All I had to do is add a battery pack (Lipo 7.4v), to make it work. I use these locomotives to clear derailments that might happen inside of my tunnels when the track is shorted by the derailment.

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