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Old Engines Not working

Verlin models HO and asks:

“I have new Bachmann track, and a small setup. My small pusher engine works perfectly. My 3 larger engines do not. The lights are flickering but the engines not running. They all worked 10 years ago, but have been stored in basement since in Colorado. Maybe the wheels need cleaning? Best way? Other suggestions?”

5 Responses to Old Engines Not working

  • Robert says:

    There is an electrical contact cleaner and lube you can buy in a spray can. Spray some on a rag and clean your wheels with it. If the locos have been in storage for 10 years it would be a good idea to give the motors and pickups a good clean and lube as well.

  • Peter Farrington says:

    I would give the loco’s a good service as the grease and oil used can become very thick and give the impression of the motor being seized, I had similar problems when I got my own loco stock out of stage after 25years. The best method is probably going to be using cotton buds with either Isopropyl Alcohol 99% or Methalated Spirit to remove the gunk, then lightly lubricate according to the manufacturers instructions.

  • Stephan says:

    A good wipe of the track all around would be advisable as well, periodically.

  • Frank B says:

    Yes, after 10 years, a good stripdown and clean will be wise. Old grease on gears can become hard and sticky, clean it off as suggested above, and replace with fresh grease. A tiny drop of oil on bearings and pivots. 
     Ensure all electrical contacts are perfectly clean: clean the wheel rims and rails; wheel/axle pickup strip or springs; if possible clean the motor commutator. 
     Please let us know if this is successful !-)

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