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Motor Brushes Replacement

Scotty writes:

“I have an older model HO Flying Scotsman. Whilst cleaning motor, one of the brushes broke.  Does someone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks.”

Post your suggestions below.

8 Responses to Motor Brushes Replacement

  • Robert says:

    Have you tried ebay or an internet search for triang spares? If it is a Triang/Hornby X04 motor, Then puting a heavy blob of solder where the carbon block used to be on the brass brush will work as a temporary fix.

  • Ananda says:

    If you have a friend in the UK, it will be cheaper as the vendors charge ten times the value of the part for shipping! Several places have them in the UK. There is also a newer, five pole skew wound replacement motor available in the UK. If you need more info on these, I can find them for you.

    • Scotty Phillips says:

      G’Day Ananda,

      Would appreciate info

      • Ananda says:

        Hi Scotty,

        Sorry for the ate reply. There is a YouTube channel called ” Horns & Whistles Workshop” where you can find the info. I am not sure if I can post the link as it might not be allowed here. However, the person seems to be selling these new motors by himself. If you want only the brushes, Peters Spares in the UK might have it. I also saw someone from the UK, on eBay selling them. Again, I don’t want to post links for obvious reasons. Either way, if you have a friend in London, you can make it cheaper to ship there and get it across from your friend. If you still have the brush piece intact (just dislodged from the metal), we may be able to repair it by mounting it back on the phosphor bronze leaf. Simply make the hole a bit smaller by tamping around with a small weight until the brush fits in there snug.

  • Faizal Hathy says:

    Hello. I have heard that Peters Spares in the UK has a lot of spares and also remake brushes needed for the old XO motors and also sell carbon brushes and springs for the ringfield motors plus many other spares.
    I have not orcered any stuff from them as yet.
    Peters Spares UK was recommended to me by Charlie Bishop who has his own youtube channel under the name of Chadwik Railway

  • Mike says:

    If it is a case of the carbon block separating from the copper contact section try a very thin layer of superglue to glue it on, you may get current flow.

  • Peter Farrington says:

    I have used Peter’s Spares a number of times for various things including Ringfield brushes and traction tyres, excellent company to do business with.

  • Frank B says:

    Definitely NOT Superglue ! It sets like a plastic film, and will therefore insulate the carbon brush from the copper support. But until a spare part cannot be obtained, possibly an equivalent sized block of copper soldered onto a copper strip ? (Not permanently, as it would eventually wear down the commutator.)

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