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Will Weathering Affect The Resale Price Of Trains?

Ian asks:

“I probably have another year or 2 before I seriously start thinning out my train collection. I have weathered 17 engines over time and wondered if has increased or decreased their resale value. I think I’ve done a good job but that might not be what buyers are looking for. Has anyone sold similar engines weathered versus box new condition?”

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2 Responses to Will Weathering Affect The Resale Price Of Trains?

  • Dale says:

    Weathering will likely change the resale value but whether it will take it up or down is dependent on a couple of variables.The first variable is how well the weathering was done. The second variable will be the person interested in the item. If they are wanting a weathered item, they will evaluate the quality in their own mind. If they don’t want it weathered, well, they probably won’t buy it anyway unless it is a rare item that they will then strip and repaint. So, my experience buying used equipment is that a good weathering job can add as much as 15-20% to the value. Of course where you sell it will make a difference, also. Selling at a swap meet will be different than selling it online.

  • Ralph says:

    I agree with Dale and think it all depends on what the buyer is looking for. Knowing the interest in the item can somethings help the seller as far as the cost goes.

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