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Cost of Flex Track – Is it Expensive?

Bob wants to hear opinions from readers on the cost of flex track:

“In my old house I had a 4×16 layout. It was built in. We moved in April and I had to destroy it. My new basement is huge and I have set about designing a 10×16 foot HO layout. My prior layout I built using flex track on cork glued to plywood. I just recently priced HO flex track and it was $ 15 for 24 inches , this looks pretty expense if I have 2 scale miles of track on the board. Is this reasonable or am I just looking in all the wrong places?”

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12 Responses to Cost of Flex Track – Is it Expensive?

  • Bk Steckleinsays:

    eBay is where I bought mine. Atlas 100 36″ nickel silver 10pk and 25pk run about 4.00 per stick.

  • Ron Willettssays:

    Bob, I but almost all my model railroad items from two sources: Model Train Stuff and Hobbylinc. They have the most selection and best prices. Ron W

  • Tom Osterdocksays:

    I have found that “the toy crossing” has some pretty good prices. I bought my switches from them and my flex from Hobbylinc. I have to really look when buying though to make sure I am getting the best price. I don’t have a local hobby shop so internet it is. Hobbylinc is pretty fast.

  • Tom Osterdocksays:

    I forgot to mention that when pricing do not forget to add the shipping to the cost. I have found several times that sometimes I select the higher cost item that has free shipping. I found the free shipping was cheaper than the other item with shipping added.

  • Billsays:

    Don’t know who is selling flex track in 2 foot sections. Generally they are sold in 3 foot or 1 meter lengths. Price is as with most things a function of quality. Atlas will run you a little under $4.00 per section Peco and Micro Engineering in the $5.00 range. If you buy bulk you will get a slightly better price. What ever you go with try to stay with the same manufacturer throughout for all track and switches. All manufacturers class their track by code (83, 100, 70 etc). What varies is the tie thickness and rail thickness. Just another place for the derailing gremlins to hide if you mix manufacturers. So make sure your plan can be completed with track, switches, crossovers etc from one manufacturer.
    Have fun


  • mikesays:

    I only use flex track i find it allows me the liberty to xo what I want. Ebay is my source 29.5 inches is the size in code 80 N scale usually $4,00

  • David STOKESsays:

    I think you might be getting “sold”. or maybe the stuff you’re discussing contains gold or platinum. As mentioned above $4 – $6 a “yard”.

  • Sheldon Clarksays:

    Is it Marklin Z Scale? That’s not cheap.

  • MarkPsays:

    Are you sure it is not a bundle of 6 pieces? A bundle of of 5 36″ code 100 is $35.00 on ebay. The best bet is to go to train shows and see what the vendors have. Flex track is expensive but worth it. If you are looking for code 100, expect to pay for it. Any code 100 track is hard to find and expensive.

    • David STOKESsays:

      Mark P – Peco Code 100 is the “industry standard” and most outlets in Oz that is all they sell. Where are you from mate?

      The next up is Shinohara – both in price and quality, and only 70 (I think) code. Atlas is rare as hens teeth.

  • W Rusty Lanesays:

    When I built my HO scale layout I purchased my 75 feet of flex track and 75 feet of cork road bed from TrainWorld. The flex track was $25.00/75 feet and the road bed was $9.99/75 feet. That was in the late 1980´s. I used Micro Engineering flex track and got my Atlas turnouts from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, I forget which. At the time they were eliminating all their HO railroad products. I paid about $1.97 for each turnout and I bought all they had. Just wish I could go back in time and purchase more flex track and road bed. Now days those items are quite expensive. I think that if you purchase 75 feet of flex track (25 pack) you´re gonna pay over $100.00 now days. Happy railroading! And good luck with your layout.

  • joe huttersays:

    Hi ijust received 2-6 -0 train set from friend never dabed in railroading first time.Can i used a 4×8 sheet of partical board instead of plywood. do i then trace out the layout of tracks would you use cork or should i use sheet of 2” insulation then enlarge as i take my time.

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