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Mystery Rail Yard #3 – Guess The Location

The first two mystery photos certainly generated considerable interest and confounded many. Following numerous requests I have included a third mystery photo for you to guess. Have a go – it doesn’t matter if you get the country or city wrong… the fun is in trying to guess a likely location. It won’t be long before someone gets the right answer and supplies some history and details. You’ll be able to follow the picks and see the correct answer when it gets published. Click the COMMENTS below this post.

rail yards

If you think you know where this photo was taken, simply add your answer using the COMMENTS below this post. That’s also where you will see the answers submitted by other readers.

17 Responses to Mystery Rail Yard #3 – Guess The Location

  • Derek Dreversays:

    They look like old Chicago L trains

  • Bill Brownsays:

    Chicago, Il Northside near Wrigley Field (Cub’s Park)

  • Alan averysays:

    C T A storage Skokie il

  • Gary Ksays:

    Chicago CTA Trains. Looks like the railyard on 63rd street

  • Rick Scottsays:


  • Fred T.says:


  • Brian Dubinsays:

    CTA, Chicago Transit Authority, either Howard Street terminal or 63rd street

  • Johnsays:

    CTA in Chicago

  • Joe Beringersays:

    The cars on the left remind me of the CTA cars I rode to high school in the early 60’s. (CTA-Chicago Transit Authority.) I wonder if the sign on the building in the background refers to Hollander Moving and Storage?

  • Sheldon Clarksays:

    I’m interested to see that at least some of the cars have tumblehome rather than straight, vertical sides; nor what I associate with US rail vehicles – more a UK/Ireland thing.

  • steven attiassays:

    Does look like a CTA train on the right

  • Jim R.says:

    Definitely a Chicago CTA terminal yard with possibly Congress St. and Lake St. ‘L’s (judging by the red and green route signs in the front cars).

  • Robertsays:

    Where was this photo taken?

    The Logan Square railway station served the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) as the terminal of the Milwaukee Ave. “L” up until 1 February in 1970. That was when the Kennedy Extension to Jefferson Park, and since then to O’Hare, opened. However, in May 1966 a new “all-electric” interlocking came into service at the Logan Square tower.

    • Stephansays:

      Just what I needed. To be reminded as to how ancient I have become.

      I grew up in Chicago (1955-1975). Rode just about all CTA rail lines.

      For those interested, the Illinois Railway museum https://www.irm.org/ has several pieces of CTA rolling stock. Great source for modelers and rail fans.

  • Bill Poehlmansays:

    This is just a guess. The third rail and the color remind me of the streetcars in Washington DC, post WW .II.

  • Gerrysays:

    So, are you going to post the correct answer???

  • Robert Andersonsays:

    Gerry, I gave the answer above, and several other readers were on the money!

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