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Atlas GP-7 on 11 Inch Radius?

Harry has this question for readers:

“Does a Atlas GP-7 run correctly on an N scale 11 inch radius?”

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3 Responses to Atlas GP-7 on 11 Inch Radius?

  • David Stokessays:

    Eleven inch radius is medium for N Scale – pretty much everything should run correctly.

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    Hi Harry
    Mine will run correctly on 9-inch curves check that the trucks are not binding when turning on tighter curves

  • Dwight Campbellsays:

    I own an Athearn Big Boy and Challenger in N Scale. The minimum radius for them is 11 inches, so a GP-7 will have no problem running on it. The important thing about minimum radii is that it only talks about the ability to run the equipment. The big question is what looks good. I have collected engines while I planning my layout and have amassed a collection of large engines including the 2 I mentioned I have a UP Big Blow, a Pennsy T1, and a few others. If I hang 80′ passengers cars behind that T1 will they run on 11 minimum, yes!. Will they look good with the overhang, no! My space is limited so on short curves I will lean towards a sharper curve but on large visible turns such as semi-circles or “show” curves where I am displaying a train, I will opt for larger curves – maybe 17 inches.

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