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Engine Short Circuit

Aiden has this question for readers:

“When I put power to the track one of my OO engines short circuit making me lose power to the track. If I unplug it and wait 10 seconds then plug it back in and try another train that train works. I have Hornby equipment.”

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5 Responses to Engine Short Circuit

  • David Broadsays:

    Quite normal, the cut out needs time to reset. It’s probably a Poly switch about 10p worth, 15 cents?
    Fix the short circuit on the locomotive. Hornby often pick up track pins and other metal debris on their magnets which shorts them out. if that doesn’t cure it take the body off and have a look see inside. The gears layshaf moving across to rub a driving wheel is a common issue. You will probably break a load of the details taking the body off, and effectively ruin it, so selling it as a non runner for someone else to ruin might be the smart option.

  • geoffsays:

    Have you checked underneath the engine to make sure there is no debris or something that has been picked up and is causing a short?

  • Bill Poehlmansays:

    If all else fails, try treating the engine with “Labelle 901 Motor Cleaning System,” from Labelle Lubricants, 8101 East Research Court, Tuscon, AZ 85710-6758. It should be available from hobby stores or perhaps from Amazon. I have successfully restored three engines with this treatment.


  • Robert Cartersays:

    Some Hornby controllers cut at 0.5 A. I have a Heljan Beyer Barrett that draws more than this so use a more powerful controller (1A).

  • Anandasays:

    Power it separately on the bench with a known good power supply that can deliver more current than it needs. If it still stalls and/or does not run, it is time to dismantle and inspect for any short circuits. If it does not turn the wheels at all, do not feed power for too long. Just touch the power leads to the wheels momentarily and see if it spins at all.

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