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Problem With Switch Turnout Connectivity

Michael C asks:

“I’m using Atlas switches and turnouts but the connectivity is not as good as it used to be. What should I do?”

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3 Responses to Problem With Switch Turnout Connectivity

  • Morgan Bilbosays:

    This isn’t clear. What connectivity? If you refer to points connecting to rails, that’s easy. Clean them. Alcohol is safe. I like acetone, but that can damage plastic, so I’m super careful to not touch ties, only the rail. After I clean, I use powdered graphite rubbed on top of rails. Just wipe 3″ or so every 2′ and use your cars to roll and transfer the graphite over the rest of the layout. Now: If you mean electrical contact, about wiring, I’m not much help.

  • Anselmo Agostinhosays:

    Unfortunately Atlas switches lacks conductivity (electicity continuity), mostly in old or long installed ones. I tried many solutions, as soldering tiny wires on the moving points, contant cleaning etc.

    Nothing was good enough, so I´ve changed all them, over 40 units, for Peco ones. Problem solved in full.

  • David Stokessays:

    OK Michael, how to ensure locos run across points (switches) without stalling.
    1. make sure your track and wheels on locos is squeaky clean.
    2. Ensure that both frog rails to the running rails are insulated
    3. wire jumpers of VERY small gauge flexible wire from the switch blade to the adjacent running rail
    4. install “stay a;ives” in your locos
    5, turn your standard points into electrofrogs by super gluing fine aluminium foil to the plastic portions of the frog ensuring that each side is isolated from its neighbor and adding a switch per Peco’s tutorials on Youtube.

    The first four are traditional fixes. I don’t know of anyone having actually tried No 5, but I have read about it.

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