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Reversing Loop – Insulating Rail Joiners

Jacob seeks help from readers:

“I read where with 4 tracks I could install insulating rail joiners and wire a polarity reversing module, but I don’t really want reversing modules. Can I just connect another power lead to the dead loop section instead? I’m DCC by the way.”

If you can assist Jacob, please add your comments below.

7 Responses to Reversing Loop – Insulating Rail Joiners

  • Herveysays:

    Whatever you do you need to power the reversing loop. You can do it with a double pole double throw switch that you flip when the train enters the loop. This is a cheaper way but if you fail to throw the switch you will have a short. A module will do this automatically and you can spend your time running trains rather than driving your track. Creating shorts is not recommended for DCC decoders. Much less expensive to install a module than replace a sound decoder.

  • geoffsays:

    As Harvey says, if you install another power lead to the dead loop you will need to do it via a DPDT switch, or else you will short out (and potentially damage the locomotive) every time you drive through the loop, and even with the switch, you will short out every time you fail to set it correctly. A module is by far the best and safest way to go.

  • James Jansensays:

    Two independent supplies will not prevent shorts as the train moves between them unless one is set up to auto reverse.

  • Jacobsays:

    WOW!! WOW!! You guys are amazing! THANK YOU!

  • Ronnie watsonsays:

    Hi thanks for that it aswers my question about the reverse loop module, but my Q is how and where do I fit it cheer Ronnie I’m new to the hobby 3 weeks now but find it fascinating.

  • Bill Suarezsays:

    Jacob – a reversing module is going to take care of the polarity mismatch that happens with a loop or a “wye”, it wont’ actually reverse the train itself. It is wired in-line with the existing track power meaning instead of connecting directly from your buss with feeders to the rail you connect the buss to the module and then the output of the module to the rails.

    I have three DCC Specialties PSX-AR modules and I have also used Digitrax AR1 modules with equal success.

    As other have pointed out you can accomplish this with a DPDT switch BUT you have to be there to flip the switch where these modules perform the “flip” automaticalyl for you.

  • Duncan Poolesays:

    I concur with the comments you have already received.
    I have two reverse loops on my dcc layout and use the dcc autoreverser modules purchased from “blocksignalling.co.uk” – works every time and so simple to install.

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