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Engine Direction DCC

Malcolm writes:

“I just spotted Peter’s question about lights with his dcs52 control. I also have a dcs52 but my new Bachmann engine is running opposite to how the throttle is set. Why would this be the case? Thank you.”

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5 Responses to Engine Direction DCC

  • Herveysays:

    I suspect the motor connections from the decoder are reversed. There are 2 solution to that problem. The first and better but more complicated is to reverse the wires.
    The second way is through modifying CV29. Be careful if you choose this route. CV 29 controls more than just direction.Verify in the manual for your locos decoder (available on line) what your options are in CV 29. Check what your current CV 29 value is then adjust it to the value you need to get the performance you desire. The disadvantage with this method is you have to remember that backward wiring each time you have to reprogram your decoder in the loco.
    It is possible that someone has programmed CV 29 to run in reverse either deliberately or by accident and you should verify the current value then compare it to what value you need to get the performance you desire.

  • Michael Carmonasays:

    do some research before you attempt to open this locomotive to reverse wire the unit I have a dozen bachmann locomotives and never had a problem maby the prototype ran in this direction

  • Dalesays:

    This is kind of off-the-wall. Not knowing what kind of loco it is, and what road name, if it is a switcher you might want to research the prototype. A few roads had switchers typically run long-hood forward rather than the more common short hood forward. If that is the case with the loco/road, the settings may be correct.

  • Malsays:

    As always great advice. Thanks to Dale, Michael, Hervey, and others.

  • Frank Bsays:

    Good point Dale ! The SP&S and GN had RS-2s and GP-7s running long hood forward.

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