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Piko A Track

Cliff writes:

Hello, I’m just getting started in modeling. I was given some Ho scale Lionel trains without track. I was wondering if the Piko A track is any good? If not could someone tell me what is a good track to buy?”

2 Responses to Piko A Track

  • Dalesays:

    A lot depends on the layout you are planning and how you plan to build it. Piko A-track has the roadbed build in and, generally, comes in fixed lengths and curve radii. If that will suit your needs then it is a good product and should be fine. If, however, you will need flexible track or odd length or curves, then A-track isn’t a good choice. (The same issues rise with Bachmann Easy-Trak.)

    If you decide against the A-track, there are many good track options; Atlas and Peko are probably the most common.

  • Ralph Furthsays:

    I like Piko A-track. The outstanding feature of the
    this track is the small number of different
    pieces you can use. The modeler doesn’t have to install
    additional pieces at either switches or crossings,
    which when used nearly always lead to uneven


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