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Locomotive Address and Lights Default Setup Factory Reset

Peter models HO and asks:

“I recently did a factory reset (CV8 to 8). All the features I want, lights, etc. work great. The question is if I change my loco address to the cab number of the loco will that change my light’s default setup? I am presently using address 03.”

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7 Responses to Locomotive Address and Lights Default Setup Factory Reset

  • Dalesays:

    If all you are doing is changing the loco address, all the rest of the settings should remain unchanged. If they don’t, something else is happening incorrectly.

  • Peter Tsays:

    Thanks for the response. Can you offer any suggestions?

  • Herveysays:

    Changing the address of the decoder to the loco number will not change any other CV’s. How your lights perform is controlled by other CV’s. These are determined by the manufacturer unlike the address CV’s. You will have to look in the appropriate manual for your decoder to see how to control the llights

  • Peter Tsays:

    Got it thank you.. What I don’t get is all runs ok after factory reset with address of 3 however
    when I change the address of the loco to the cab number, things aren’t the same ?

  • Chuck Holsclawsays:

    No, all your settings will remain the same. Every decoder function has it’s own cv to control each individual function.

  • Kim Fokkensays:

    I have been having a hard time getting my address to program to cab numbers so I have just settled for short number. When I try like with my sd70ACe to do address as 8490, I get no response so I have been having good luck with that loco being a simple ‘4’, GP 60 M being 5 (those two are MU’d together. My GE is a 6. Whatever works.

  • Frank Bsays:

    Some older decoders don’t like long address numbers.
    After programming the loco to a new number, the controller must be set to address that number.

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