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Solving Point Problem When Running Switcher Locos

Hugh asks readers:

“I have a Peco electrofrog point and run my 3 large locos ok. The problem is when I run my 2 small switcher engines that pass over the point (frog end) they briefly stall before moving on. It only happens in one direction so I’m a bit baffled. Help please.”

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6 Responses to Solving Point Problem When Running Switcher Locos

  • geoffsays:

    How is the frog powered? Are you relying on the physical contact between the blade and the stock rail? Try applying pressure to the point blade when the train goes over it and see if the stall goes away. (A large locomotive could be long enough to be picking up power from the rails at either end of the points, where a small one needs to pick up power from the blade.)

    If this is the problem, it might be caused by a piece of grit or other dirt preventing a proper contact between the blade and the rail, or the spring is getting weak. And the solution is to power the frog directly with a polarity switch, either a mechanical one attached to the point mechanism or an electronic one.

  • Rudysays:

    Good question… I have the same problem with a small ” PIKO ” engine. My theory is that when the traction tire is opposite the frog, then, for the length of the frog, power is lost. Turn the engine around, then the traction tire passes over the frog, and the powered wheel, (wheels), maintain contact with the “live” rail. Just my theory…don’t know for sure…

  • Docsays:

    I have found that adding a power wire to the sections of track between the switch points and the frog solves the problem. Without them , the power to this section of track is totally dependent on a good connection where the switch points touch the outer rails.

  • David Stokessays:

    For guaranteed power right through the Electrofrog point, the frog must be powered. Get on to Youtube, Peco has a number of tutorials how to do this. Charlie Bishop also has a very good tutorial.

    Once you have wired the frog this issue will disappear

  • Georgesays:

    Had the same problem, how I resolved it was to wire the frog to a two-way toggle with and toggle the Power to the direction of travel, namely left or right to the center pole or frog, that cured all my problems now every thing runs as it should, its a quick fix. Hope this helps.

  • Hughsays:

    thanks for input much appreciated

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