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Magnetic Uncouplers

Rob P asks:

“I’ve done too good a job in burying my uncoupling magnets into the cork roadbed and covering them with ballast! I’m modelling NSWGR prototype circa 1910. How do other modellers indicate where their uncoupling magnets are located on their layouts?”

10 Responses to Magnetic Uncouplers

  • Noel Rileysays:

    On actual railways there is a railway worker who uncouples the wagons. I like to glue a workman beside the magnet. It works for me.

    • Mikesays:

      Clever idea Noel

    • Rob Posenersays:

      That’s a great ideal that I’ll use. Thanks.

  • John T Anthonysays:

    Many times you can have the magnetic uncouplers by roads crossing the track.

  • Frank Hsays:

    There’s numerous things on real railroads that would look good and also show the magnet locations. Concrete bollards or posts, a pile of ties and/or tie plates, some trash, a barrel, cabinet, or, if you want to be consistent, paint a tie a slightly lighter color at all the locations.

    • Robsays:

      More great ideas I’ll use.


    Frank has the best idea and least noticeable. If you have several magnets in a yard, this is the least noticed way or you have a bunch of workmen standing aroudnd. Paint the ties a close color (just the outside tip facing you so YOU know where they are.

  • Frank Bsays:

    There are a multitude of perfectly valid miscellaneous items that would be lying around a switching yard that could indicate the position. Look at pictures of freight yards for original ideas.

    Noel’s uncoupler figure is the ideal prototypical logical solution.

  • Norman Eddysays:

    Put a post like a whstle indicator post or mileage marker in the middle of the magnet length and be careful how much you bury them

  • David Stokessays:

    Boy, a pile of great suggestions

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