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Tidy Track Roto Wheel Cleaner

Tidy Track Roto Wheel CleanerBob asks:

“I have a Tidy Track Roto Wheel Cleaner N Scale. I have KATO transformers with a KATO track. When I hook up the Tide Track to my track with my clips and put the engine on the Tidy Track it shorts out as I turn up the speed (intended to turn the engine wheels). What am I doing wrong?”

4 Responses to Tidy Track Roto Wheel Cleaner

  • David Ksays:

    I have exactly the same set up and the Tidy Track works fine. You have got the clips connected the correct way round? Not sure why you should get a short otherwise unless the Tidy Track is faulty.

    • Bob Ingramsays:

      Thank You … I will double check.

  • Gerard Bohlmannsays:

    I also have the same cleaner. I connect the clips directly to the terminals on the power pack and have had no problems. You might check to make sure the clips aren’t touching each other or any other metal objects.

    • Bob Ingramsays:

      I like your idea of connecting the clips directly to the terminal on the power pack. I will give that a try and will make sure the clips aren’t touching each other or metal objects. Thank You

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