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Bachmann SD40-2 Windows

Len asks:

“I have a Bachmann SD40-2 (HO) and plan to it strip it back with Isopropyl Alcohol to paint it. I don’t want to damage the glued-in windows in the process. Is there a safe way to pry them out to remove them?”

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5 Responses to Bachmann SD40-2 Windows

  • Frank B says:

    There are specialised paint strippers for plastic models, available from model shops. These are designed to remove paint from models without affecting plastic. 
    If the body and windows are both made of polystyrene, I would expect that IPA will not damage them.
    Test a small unobtrusive area first.

    • Bob T says:

      i have read, but not tested it myself, that methylated* spirits will strip paint but not harm the plastic model.
      No idea if this applies the clear windows.

      * methylated spirits may have a different name, depending on where you live

  • David Begg says:

    Either mask off the windows by cutting the required shape from painters tape, or the better option is to remove the windows and replace them after painting is completed.

    I would be surprised if ISO alcohol affected the plastic windows, but try in a place where it can’t be seen, just in case.

  • John Lebsanft Bundaberg Qld. Australia says:

    Just to be on the safe side of this operation, I would endeavour to contact Bachmann and see if they sell replacement windows. If so, get a complete set, I imagine that they would be relatively cheap , and if things turn belly-up, you have replacement windows to pop in.

  • Alvaro Sousa says:

    Hello from Portugal. I`m an oficial repair shop from Fleischmann/Roco and Sudexpress/Norbrass to all Portugal, although I repair other manufacturers. My experience with Bachmann locos, tells me that is safe to use the IPA, but I remove always the windows very carefully. To me is the safest process. Of course you have to use all your skills to remove the windows, but I can tell you that is the best way to do the things. I hope I could help.

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