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LED Lights For Steam Engines

Bernie asks:

“Interested to know what color LED lights is best used in steam locomotives because I’m about to change to LEDs. I’m HO scale.”

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4 Responses to LED Lights For Steam Engines

  • Frank B says:

    For most purposes, warm white LEDs will effectively simulate the light colour of incandescent bulbs, candles or oil lamps.  
    The cool white is bluer (more like daylight) and would be used for welding simulations or some modern lighting applications.

  • David Begg says:

    Warm white or a light yellow colour are best. I have found white leds are not a realistic colour being too white to replicate locomotive headlights.

  • Alvaro Sousa says:

    Warm white leds it´s the most “similar” to filament lamps.

  • jack zanin says:

    mine use warm white 12 volt rice lights the wheat are a little to big for my engines

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