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Hornby R8249 DCC Decoder Compatibility

David asks:

“Will a Hornby R8249 DCC decoder be compatible with another brand controller e.g. NCE Powercab?”

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3 Responses to Hornby R8249 DCC Decoder Compatibility

  • monty says:

    Hi David yes the decoder is compatible with all controllers

  • David Stokes says:

    The National Model Railroad Association, when it saw that DCC was the way of the future issued a set of regulations and recommendations that basically said all decoders and all controllers shall be compatible for their basic operations – loco selection, loco stop/go, loco lights.
    Everything else was at manufacturers discretion, except common sense suggested that anyone going off on their own will not get NMRA accreditation, and would soon find themselve out on the cold.

  • John Hodder says:

    Hi David . I run Hornby R8249 Decoders with a Digitrax controller . No problems .

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