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LED Light Strips

Alex asks:

“I am putting in carriage lights in my DC layout and have purchased LED light strips but what size capacitors is required to stop flickering while the car runs?”

One Response to LED Light Strips

  • Frank B says:

    As you don’t mention your scale, I assume you are working HO or OO. 
     Unless it is built into the LED module already, you will need to take the track power through a rectifier bridge first (because track polarity is changed when reversing). These are very tiny and very cheap, for example: aliexpress.com/item/32914475454.html (50 for about £2). 
     Then fit a capacitor across the rectifier’s output terminals to the LED strip, I use 100 microFarad tantalum capacitors, which are very small for their capacity. 
     (If you are buying an LED module from a model manufacturer, possibly the rectifier and capacitor may be already built in.)

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