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Passenger Diesel Engine – DCC

Richard writes:

“I am looking to purchase an engine that would be equal to Athearn. Had a Broadway Limited engine, but there were many problems and it could not pull what my Athearn did. It should be F-3 or F-7. So far I have not been able locate anything in the USA. Does someone know where I should go to locate one?”

2 Responses to Passenger Diesel Engine – DCC

  • Jim Myrhum says:

    This is toooo easy!!! Find a Model train shop in your area that also sells used trains ( rolling stock as well as engines ).
    Chances are you will find what you are looking for. But be patient, the particular engine and /or Road name you are looking for might now be there now, but go back on a regular basis and eventually that engine will show up.
    Understanding you want Athearn, I would assume you are DC. You may even want to go to train shows and swap meets.
    There you will find most anything and everything. Good hunting.
    Final thought — find a model railroad club in your area – they may be of great help as well!!!!

  • Howard Blasczyk says:

    My personal brand preference for a passenger ‘F’ unit is from Stewart Hobbies. Many have Kato drives, and all are heavily weighted to pull passenger trains or long freights. They are relatively easy to convert to DCC. I have an F2A&F2B set and an FTA&FTB set that I converted to DCC w/o sound. They are smooth running and good pullers. They will pull an eight to ten car passenger train up a 4-turn helix. The only problem is that they haven’t manufactured for 10 years or more. You have to purchase them “on-line” (ebay, etc.) or at a Train Show. bowser-trains.com does make retrofit DCC w/sound kits for some Stewart models. Hope this helps.

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