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Resister Size For Various Voltages

Ron models HO scale and asks:

“What size resisters do I need for various light voltage? I have purchased a few 1000 ohm resisters for my lights. I am building a layout that’s is a squared circle 12’x4’ by 4’x4′ and the other side is the same. I have well over 500 lights. Thanks in advance for any advice.”

Add your comments below to assist Ron.

2 Responses to Resister Size For Various Voltages

  • Jay Ross says:

    You didn’t mention what kind of lights, LED’s or Incandescent? You also didn’t mention the supply voltage you will be using. If using Incandescent lamps, knowing the voltage and current rating of the lamps is what you base your supply voltage on. It also matters weather you are wiring these up in series or parallel. As for LED’s, you’ll want to keep the current through each Led at around .015 amps.
    You should Google Ohm’ Law, and study it to understand how it is used in the proper selection of resistors for a given load.

  • Ron says:

    All are LED. The voltage is 12 and will be wiring with a 12 position distribution board that will be wired together. I hope this explaintion will help.

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